Who is John Crestani, and what do I care?

If you’ve read anything about how to earn money from Internet marketing or affiliate marketing, then by now you’ve heard of John Crestani. The California-based CEO is a world traveler who spends his days exploring his passions while his affiliate business rakes in millions of dollars in revenue a year. He is aptly named the “Super Affiliate”, and his 12-week educational program can show you step by step exactly how he earned that title.

What Does John Crestani Do?

While his beginnings are similar to many people’s, what sets John Crestani apart is what he does now. His company, Nutryst, does pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, AdWords, conversion optimization, social media marketing, and many other types of affiliate marketing. Even while John is off exploring the world, and most of his business is automated or handled by his team now, he is still available to be online to actively keep his company running smoothly.

John has produced a training program for beginners and experienced marketers alike, he is calling it Internet Jetset

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