No I am not talking about selling videos here, what I am talking about is using video IN your marketing. The average net surfer just loves to watch video, and they hate to take time to read a sales letter. So if you can put your pitch up in a video you will be way ahead of the game.

Now understanding that fact, the next step would be logical. The most professional looking videos are going to be able to get the best response.

Now wasn’t that simple…start making videos, but make them professional looking and use them in your marketing…NOT SO SIMPLE…

I know, I am terrible at making videos, but I am excellent at outsourcing. So I am able to get those results by using a combination of video tools.


Make Your Video Look Like it was Made By a Pro!

Have you ever seen a video online that is talking about selling a product? Of course you have, but did you notice the quality of the video? Most people will not watch video sales pitches if the settings and background make it look “cheesy”. Everyone want to see a professionally produced video. This builds confidence in the presentation, and the product.

What if you could have a virtual studio to make your video in. The studio setting, the perfect backdrop all in high resolution colors. All you need is to have a virtual studio no need to try and rent or build one yourself.

Take a look at the demo here virtual studio


Blog Post to Video Tools

I have written an entire post on this service, Article Video Robot, it integrates with WordPress as a plugin so you can turn your posts into videos easily. Go here to read the post.


Video Jeet is a product that I used it has been available for about a year now and if you are using a blog site it’s ideal.

Have you ever wanted to own your own network of video blogs, but always thought it was too hard to do? Not anymore, not with Video Jeet.

Video Jeet, from Cyril Gupta and Todd Gross is windows desktop software that "curates" video content specific to any niche or keyword you choose. It really is uncanny how easy it is to use,
and yet powerful enough to automatically pull-in the best videos specific to your niche.

You can then become a powerful editor by choosing exactly which videos are best.. but there’s something that makes Video Jeet  even more unique. With Video jeet, you aren’t stuck with just WordPress,
you can also use Google’s own Blogging service, "Blogger" which they love!

The best part? Blogger is free! You won’t need a website to post dozens or even hundreds of video-blogs – and since Google sends traffic to them naturally, you will get visitors without having
to advertise or spend money in any way, shape or form!

See how you can create automated video blogs with $0

As the videos get posted Video Jeet even sends notifications to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, letting your followers know of the brand new content. All this with software that barely
costs what you paid for dinner last night!

Free traffic and free video blogs. (Plus extra viral traffic from Youtube and Twitter) It’s Brilliant! Video Jeet is still available but soon it will be gone completely, not to mention the introductory
price is right NOW.. Grab Video Jeet before the price goes up,
and before it goes away for good..

>> Watch the mindblowing demo of  Video Jeet

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