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Now there’s a good question…
Let’s just break it down. Online…Marketing.
Online: Doing all the work through the internet, email, and websites.
Marketing: Advertising, or promoting a product to be sold.

Ok…so if you are working through the internet or websites promoting a product you are “online marketing”. This is all well and good but if you are going to do this, will you do it for nothing, or do you want to be paid for your online marketing?

Stupid question, of course you want to be paid for the work you do. So that is where this site comes in. Here you can learn how to get involved in online marketing in a way that you will be paid for your work  and if you work hard, you can be paid generously.

So just how is it you can be paid?

Well, it is going to depend on what type of marketing you want to do. What I mean by that is, you can market your own product online or you can market someone else’s product as an affiliate. Market your own product and you get all the money from the sale, market a product for someone else and you will earn a percentage of the sale.

Marketing your own product is more lucrative, but there are more details that need to be taken care of. You will need to have your own website, a payment processor and probably a shopping cart.

Marketing another person’s product is commonly called “affiliate marketing” and for this you don’t need anything to get started except an account with some of the major affiliate networks available online. Affiliate networks such as Click Bank, Commission Junction, and Pay Dot Com, provide you with thousands of products, major retailers, and online vendors. If you sign up with these guys they will handle the sale and payment, and provide statistic data for you to track your ads, sales, and traffic of all your promotions. Your percentage will be paid to you in the form of a check mailed to you or online payment, in some cases you can even have a direct deposit to your account.

So to start at the starting line of making money from home with online marketing, you will need to decide if you are going to market a product you already have, or market a product as an affiliate. Once you have made that decision, then you will be able to get the best use out of this site. The pages of information will help guide you, and there are videos as tutorials and examples. Take your time, browse the site and sign up for our mailing list, in the upper right hand corner of this page, to get detailed information and insider tips. Email marketing will be one of your key tools in your online marketing tool box regardless of the product choice or program. One thing you will want to do is be able to communicate with people who are interested in what you are marketing, or have already bought from you in the past.

One thing that is a Must Have is an Autoresponder, this is a program that handles all of your email to your clients. You can use it as a newsletter on a regular basis, or automatically send an email at a specific day and time. Every marketer online uses one of these and the debate on which is the best can go on forever. I use Aweber, and that is for 3 reasons.

  • 1-They have all the features I need to satisfy my online marketing.
  • 2-They offer a referral program unsurpassed, so I use the service for free, and so can you.
  • 3-I am able to build custom sign-up forms for my pages!

So if you think you would like to try Aweber, sign up here, and also get the Email Elite lessons at the top right on this page.


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